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Finally, context attributes are safe assuming the setAttribute(…) method is synchronized. Usually it is, so context attributes are almost always thread-safe. For more information, see Chapter 8. 15. C. Because a container can pool many instances of the same servlet, each thread can access a different instance and utilize any service(…) method simultaneously with another thread. Consequently, if one thread changes the value of a class variable, and another does the same, the first might expect a certain result after the change, but might experience the effects of another servlet’s alteration instead.

An HTTP client or web browser makes a connection to a server. 2. The client initiates a request. 3. The server answers and sends a response to the client. 4. The connection is closed. 3 shows how the client makes a request for a GIF file to the server and the server responds with the appropriate information. 3 illustrates, each response or request is made up of three parts: the definition line, the header section, and the body. The Client Request The client begins by making a connection with the server.

It is also used to identify the element in the servlet. VALUE specifies the initial value of the control. It is not a required attribute for any control. SIZE identifies the initial width of the control. In general, the width is measured in pixels. For text or password controls, size is measured by characters. MAXLENGTH is used for text and password to specify the maximum number of characters the user is allowed to enter. CHECKED is an attribute used for radio or checkbox controls. It’s a Boolean value that identifies whether the control should be selected.

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