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By John J. McKetta Jr

Written by way of greater than forty global popular experts within the box, this reference provides details on plant layout, major chemical reactions, and processing operations in business use - providing shortcut calculation tools at any place attainable.

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Thus it is obvious that, even though the natural gas and LPG used for chemicals is only a small portion of the available supply in the United States, they are vital as a source of fuel and feedstock energy to the petrochemical industry.  2 Page 5 Natural Gas Processing Plants Usually "wet" natural gas is processed to separate the heavy paraffins from the methane. This may be done via an absorption process, a refrigerated absorption process, or a cryogenic process. In general, if a high recovery is desired only for the propane and heavier components, the absorption process is used; for an intermediate level of ethane recovery, the refrigerated absorption process; and for high ethane recovery, a cryogenic process would be used.

However, its sulfur content (23%) makes it desirable for soil requiring sulfur fertilization. Also, it is helpful on alkaline soils because of its acidity. Nitric Acid. Nitric acid consumes about 28% of the ammonia produced in the United States. Of this nitric acid, about 75% is converted directly into ammonium nitrate. The remaining 25% is used in making explosives, adipic acid, isocyanates, potassium nitrate, and various fertilizers. Nitric acid is made by the oxidation of ammonia to nitrogen oxide, which in turn is oxidized to nitrogen dioxide; this nitrogen dioxide is then reacted with water to form nitric acid.

Kellogg Company, Wembley, Middlesex, England K. Venkatasubramanian Visiting Professor, Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey W. R. D. Distinguished Professor, Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey Hervey H. Voge (deceased) Sebastopol, California T. , Des Plaines, Illinois Carl L. D. S. S. S. S. S. S. S. S. 732 × 10-4 poise newton second/square meter (N . S. S. 914 Page xiii Bringing Costs up to Date John J.

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