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By Frances Karttunen

This can be a complete glossy dictionary of the foremost indigenous language of Mexico, the language of the Aztecs and plenty of in their associates. Nahuatl audio system grew to become literate inside a iteration of touch with Europeans, and an unlimited literature has been composed in Nahuatl starting within the mid-sixteenth century and carrying on with to the current.

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X has this 37 in reduplicated form. See CaCH(I), CAMACHALaA. IIS]. ' See CaCH(I), CAM(A)- TL, CaYAHuAc. COCHCAMACOYAHUIHUA nonact. CaCHCAMACaYAHU(I) COCHCAMACOYAHUl':rIA caus. 28r,S4v). See cacHcAYo-TL. coclicA yO- TL possessed form: -COCHCA yO - -cOCHcA supper / cena (S) This is conventionally paired with NEUHCAYO-TL 'breakfa~~,' both in possessed formi,to mean one's daily ,Ii. sustenanc~. Seer:CqCH(I). M), 10 mece en los brazos (T) [(3)Tp. ,See CaCH(I). C,OCHHUlLIA applic. CaCHHUI~ COCHHUILO nonact.

CENTLALIAvt to gather people or things together in one place / ayuntar, congregar, 0 acaudillar gente (M),allegar, recoger, 0 amontonar algo 1M)See CEM, TLAuA. CENTLALILQ nonact. 86r,1l9r,r24r]. Numbers suffixed with -TLAMAN-TU are used in enumerating objects more or less arbitrarily assigned to a class of flat objects including, among other things, shoes, sheets of paper, and dishes, as well as more abstract items such as speeches and pieces of advice. See CEM, TLAMAN -TLI. 93V]. 1l9V, 128v]. See CEM, TLAPAC-TLI.

CENTILIA See CENTETIUA. 8S,202]. 22r]. The attestation is written with a single medial m, but M has it double. See CEM, MAN(I). CEMMANI~IA applic. A) CEMMANIYAN ultimately, perpetually, forever / de todo en todo, 0 ultimadamente (M), enteramente, forrn'almente, finalmente, Perpetuamente (S! C consistently writes theMM sequence as nm. M's cemana 'to continue something on to the end, to persevere in something' must be related to this by degemination of MM. See CEM, MAN(I), -YAN. s,r94]. Both attestation have n for M and have the vowel ,of the first syllable marked long, but the deriyation is transparent.

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