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They often lack knowledge about which health conditions require attention and about the availability of services. The costs of health services are often beyond their means (where private services exist), and services may be provided at inaccessible locations and inconvenient hours. Perhaps most important, adolescents are concerned about confidentiality and fear judgmental health professionals. Interestingly, adolescents' views of their health and health needs can differ greatly from those of their parents and the health professionals who serve them.

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Studies show that investments in family planning preclude the need for much higher expenditures on medical and other care following an adolescent birth. This paper reviews current data on adolescent health, with an emphasis on sexual and reproductive activity. It assesses, by region, trends in sexual knowledge, contraceptive use, marriage, fertility, and sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV. It also looks at related issues of sexual abuse and genital mutilation as well as nutritional needs and health problems stemming primarily from risk-taking behavior.

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