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9 48 Azerbaijan 38 33 Kyrgyzstan 19 47 Tajikistan 27 *Note: year is 1995 for Azerbaijan and Bulgaria and 1999 for Tajikistan. 21 Turkmenistan 12 0 10 20 30 40 Source: MONEE project 50 database. UNICEF/98-1128/Pirozzi Unemployment Too many young people are unable to find satisfying work As many as 90% of child domestic at a time when they need to feel valued, productive and independent. This dramatically increases their risk of engaging in crime, early unwed parenting and drug use. workers – the largest group of Urban youth aged 15 to 24 in Latin America are about twice as likely as the total population to want or need jobs but are unable to find them.

In the United States, 4 in 10 girls who had first intercourse at age 13 or 14 report it was either nonvoluntary or unwanted. ” • A study of 12- to 17-year-olds in South Africa revealed that 65% were concerned about their personal safety, with 62% citing fear of sexual or physical abuse as a concern. • Girls who have been sexually abused during childhood are more likely to engage in early sexual intercourse and are at a greater risk of unwanted and early pregnancies and of contracting STIs 31 You Need to Know...

Getting hooked • According to the US Surgeon General, nicotine is similar in addictiveness to heroin and cocaine. • Compared with non-smokers, American teenagers who smoked at least 20 cigarettes a day had 12 times the risk of suffering panic attacks and 5 times the risk of generalized anxiety disorder and agoraphobia, a fear of open spaces that makes some people unable to leave home. • Young people who smoke are more likely to use illicit drugs and drink more heavily than their non-smoking peers.

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