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By Eugene G. Morozov, Alexander N. Demidov, Roman Y. Tarakanov, Walter Zenk

This booklet is devoted to the research of constitution and delivery of deep and backside waters via underwater channels of the Atlantic Ocean. The research is predicated on contemporary observations, research of old info, and literature overview.
A powerful circulate of Antarctic backside Water from the Argentine Basin to the Brazil Basin during the Vema Channel (32-27 S) is studied at the foundation of CTD sections mixed with LADCP profiling conducted every year and long term moored measurements. The stream within the Vema Channel is blended within the vertical path yet horizontally stratified. The suggest velocity of the circulate is 30 cm/s and water delivery is nearly 3.5 Sv. as a result of the ground Ekman friction the dense center of the stream is generally displaced to the jap wall of the channel. A temperature raise was once present in the deep Vema Channel, which has been saw for 30 years already.
The extra stream of backside water within the Brazil Basin splits within the northern a part of the basin. a part of water flows to the East Atlantic basins in the course of the Romanche and Chain fracture zones. the opposite half is a northwestern circulation to the North American Basin. a part of the northwesterly move propagates throughout the Vema Fracture region (11 N) into the Northeastern Atlantic basins.
Flows within the Romanche, Chain, and Vema fracture zones have been studied lately by way of CTD and LADCP profiling. An underwater cataract used to be present in the Chain Fracture quarter. contemporary measurements within the Kane hole exhibit that the movement of backside water there's characterised by means of replacement delivery in time. The Northeastern Atlantic basins are jam-packed with the ground water flowing during the Vema Fracture sector. The flows of backside waters during the Romanche and Chain fracture zones don't unfold to the Northeast Atlantic as a result of powerful blending within the equatorial area and stronger transformation of backside water properties.

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The CTD information units amassed in abyssal channels of the Atlantic Ocean should be downloaded from The entry to the information is prepared both by way of a clickable map or tables. Investigators can obtain person casts geared up by means of the yr of the test or its situation. The CTD facts are equipped within the kind of a heading and 3 columns (pressure, temperature, salinity). the fashion is identical to the WOCE structure. A line with coordinates is additional to the heading.

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2006a). Two narrow (2–5 km) zones of high magnetization (up to 15–25 A/m) distinguished in the northern area of this zone correspond in the bottom topography to the deepest part (up to 4,000 m or more) of the rift valley. According to the results of modeling, fields of highly magnetized rocks correspond  ƒ: ƒ $ & & /DWLWXGH ƒ  &D &E &  &D & &D &F &E &G  ƒ:      &H  & ƒ &D    ƒ 6 % & & ƒ: &     & & &  & & & & &  /RQJLWXGH & & & & &  &   &F &D &  ƒ: Fig.

1999). The densest waters of the Northern Hemisphere are located in bottom layers of the Arctic Ocean, but they cannot propagate to the Atlantic owing to limited deep depths (600–850 m) of the straits and thresholds separating the Arctic Ocean from the Atlantic Ocean. Waters located above the bottom waters flow to the Atlantic through the Denmark Strait (Denmark Strait Overflow Water, DSOW) (Macrander et al. 2007) and Iceland Scotland thresholds (Iceland-Scotland Overflow Water, ISOW) (Olsen et al.

In the Southern Ocean, it is advected by currents to all oceans. A compensating reverse transport of warmer waters should exist in the upper layers from the Pacific and Indian oceans to the Atlantic to maintain the quasi-stationary state of the global circulation on a secular time scale. This flow is responsible for anomalously high meridional water transport back to the northern basins of the Atlantic Ocean. The scheme described above is simplified, because it is related only to the interaction between North Atlantic Deep water and the warm surface waters.

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