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Despite the superior conservation and environmental policy-making efforts, no less than 80,000 acres of tropical rainforest disappear every day. If motion isn't really taken now, specialists estimate that the world's rainforests will as a rule disappear inside 50 years. at the moment, the destruction of tropical forests is chargeable for 17 percentage of artificial carbon emissions—more than what comes from the entire world's autos, airplanes and ships mixed! Tropical rainforests want our help—and that is the place 50 easy Steps to avoid wasting the World's Rainforests is available in. the way forward for the world's rainforests lies to a wide quantity within the collective palms of customers and the way they store, seeing that call for is what fuels the forces using deforestation—agriculture, logging, and source extraction. throughout the 50-step trip, you are going to learn the way, as a client, you'll unwittingly aid rainforest destruction and extra importantly, accurately how one can make diverse offerings that support save...

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The desire to save or protect tropical ecosystems is as universal as wanting to protect animals or children. It’s primal. While not a rainforest expert, I am a concerned human being and mother who, like you, wants the rainforest to be there for the generations that follow me. In 2008, my job took me on a life-changing trip to Central America that inspired me to find out what simple actions people like you and me could take to help save the world’s precious tropical forests. At the time, I was in the midst of a divorce, and my boss and editor of Healthy Living, David Steinman, came into my office and announced that he was flying to Costa Rica to do a cover story on the rainforest for our magazine.

Living Pharmacopoeia As John and Olivia mentioned in our foreword, rainforests are a powerhouse of medicinal botanicals. Many of the prescription drugs used in the Western world have been derived from tropical plants. S. National Cancer Institute as having anti-cancer characteristics are found only in tropical forests. So far, less than 3 percent of tropical rainforest species have been analyzed for their medicinal value. Imagine what has yet to be discovered. Climate Stabilization Tropical rainforests do the world a double service by both absorbing carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, and producing oxygen.

Following the practical tips and guidelines on these pages can help turn the tide toward a bright future for our rainforests and ourselves. Be conscious, be healthy, and thanks for being a part of the solution. “Amazon John” Easterling, Treasure Hunter and Founder of the Amazon Herb Company Olivia Newton-John Easterling, First United Nations Goodwill Ambassador for the Environment “AMAZON JOHN” EASTERLING Successful eco-entrepreneur and visionary leader, John Easterling founded the Amazon Herb Company (AHC) in 1990 and serves on the board of the Amazon Center for Environmental Education and Research (ACEER).

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